Recent training : Gradle 2 days course in Switzerland

Recent training : Gradle 2 days course in Switzerland

I have been recently giving Gradle 2-days course.

Gradle is probably the most advanced and powerful build tool. It combines the scripting capabilities of a tool like Ant with the conventional configuration capabilities of Maven. Its strengths have allowed it to spread rapidly in organizations and to adapt to specific pipelines related to continuous integration and the DevOps approach.

This Gradle training course aims to give the trainees all the necessary keys to know how to set up all the build steps required by continuous integration

The content of the training is freely available there : (French only)

Content of the training


  • Know how to implement all the build steps of continuous integration with Gradle.
  • At the end of this Gradle training, you will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to:
  • Know how to install and configure Gradle
  • Understand how to write tasks on Gradle
  • Select and configure one or more plugins according to your needs
  • Understand the case of a multi-project build

Who is this training for?


This training is for developers, integrators and architects.


The course requires some experience with build issues, as well as some knowledge of continuous integration.

What if I am interested ?

Contact me on Linkedin or on this page.

The course can be provided in French or English.