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About Byoskill Agency And It's Innovative IT Solutions

What sets our company apart is a rich tapestry of experience and innovation that few can match. With 15 years dedicated to the intricate domain of software modernization, I've honed my expertise to an exceptional level. But what truly distinguishes us is my entrepreneurial journey – I founded a startup and developed sophisticated tools that automate the intricate processes of assessing technical debt and code migration. My tenure as CTO at an ISV specializing in Mainframe application modernization further enriched my insights.

In Switzerland, our services have left an indelible mark on large financial institutions, where my skills in modernization garnered accolades. Our commitment to transformative modernization solutions is founded on experience, innovation, and a proven track record that stands as a testament to our unique approach in the industry. When you choose our services, you're opting for a combination of unparalleled expertise and a commitment to modernization excellence that sets us apart from the rest.

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Automated Code migration

Our proficiency in creating tools to automate code migration sets your company apart. This service can save clients significant time and resources while ensuring a smooth transition to modern platforms, be it cloud-based systems like GCP and AWS or other contemporary technologies.

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Technical Debt Assessment

Offering automated assessment of technical debt is another crucial service. This helps clients understand the state of their existing codebase and the potential risks and costs associated with it. By addressing technical debt proactively, your company helps clients make informed decisions and plan for efficient software modernization.

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Legacy Code Modernization

Leveraging your 15 years of experience in software modernization, our company can excel in revamping and optimizing legacy code. This service is invaluable to businesses seeking to stay competitive in today's digital landscape by updating and enhancing their existing software infrastructure.

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